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Abuse Help
Abuse Help

This page is vital to the safety of all women and families threatened with Domestic Violence

We break the silence on this twisted behavior here on this web site.  Please make full use of this for you or your loved one's safety needs.  God has given us full rights to stop sin in our homes. [See my book, "Women's Bill of God-Given Rights," Chapt. 16.  Read Lev. 19: 17; Pro. 19: 19 and Pro. 2: 12-21] 

First begin by identifying what abuse actually is. Screen for physical, sexual, verbal, financial, legal, child, elderly or handicapped, emotional and spiritual abuse.   An extensive list is found in my book, [see"Preventing Marital and Dating Nonsense", located in the "Did I Imagine That?" chapter.  God calls violence for what it is and our interpretations must match HIS, [Deut. 27: 16-26; Por. 10: 6 & 11; Mal. 2; 13-16]  Most women of faith feel there are no recourses for DV, but there are abundant resources and information.  


Conflict traits:
Do you, or does someone in your life, resort to any of the following:

Pushing, shoving, slapping, abusing pets, threatening, breaking items, twisting your thoughts and words, [Pro. 10: 6&11; PS. 56: 5] insulting, swearing, constantly criticizing, mocking, intimidating, [PS. 10: 6&11] using pornography, sexual forcing, isolating, misappropriating or withholding funds/financial information, emotional or sexual withholding, belittling your looks or weight or choices, isolating you from friends and family, sabotaging plans, ‘his’ agenda, addictive cycles, angry rages, spiritual/legal/child/elderly/medical abuse, etc.

If you are overwhelmed, angry, hurt, confused, or depressed, God understands.  Read what He says to you in [Psalms 54- 59].  Read all of these chapters completely.

Cycle of violence: [DULUTH PROJECT]

 [1]: Excuses, honeymoon, routine, tension, escalation, explosions 

Cycle of Healing: [AWAKE, Inc] 

[2]: Awareness of the traits of oppression and your rights to safety; God’s love, validating pain, addressing fears, considering biblical options and executing a plan that leads to victory and safety in Christ.

We’re here to help you move from a Cycle of Conflict to a Cycle of Healing.

Safety Plan

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