Awake, Inc.

Donations to AWAKE, Inc. has a 501C-3 status, and are tax deductible Awake

For donations, please send to:

899 Ridge Pointe Way
Blairsville Georgia 30512

Areas for volunteers during Conference Events

Volunteers are deeply appreciated and needed in many areas.

During Events or Conferences
Food service
Sales tables ["Faith-line" t-shirts and products], books, brochures,
Case planners, etc.
Program set ups, ushers for the various sessions
Attendance list and follow-up
Assembly and Distribution of conference packets
Collecting information cards
Office assistance
Office errands
Packet or product packing

We want to acknowledge and thank the following patrons who supported the development and initial growth of our work.

Perimeter Church was the most supportive.  Taking their cue from the secular community, they chose to listen to the needs of the victims within their church and boldly, yet lovingly, address sin in the home.  They gave us classrooms, promoted us through brochures, bulletins and their web site. They also paid for conferences and printing of our books.  Pastor Clay Coffee, lead Family Counselor at the time, was an ardent supporter and defender.  We will love him always. 

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the elders at Perimeter who allowed me to assist them in understanding the dynamics at play within crisis cases.  I have an unusual way of expressing myself in such arenas and that alone merits an extra jewel in their “crowns.”  I must say, it is a wonder to behold when working with men who are humble, godly and very unselfish.

Wages Design, Inc. graciously created our logo and is available for future designs as needed. They are a highly sought firm that has done work for some of the largest institutions in our country, including colleges, universities or industry.

Deedee Morton, Ingalill Atala, John Sivak and Susan Mayer gave abundantly of their time and expertise in our formative years for the creation and editing of our ministry’s books, web site and business plan.

Dr. Jeff Albert, Les and Ashley Brazzel, Neal and Kelly Hediger, Constance Keith, Martha Payne, Johnny and Lisa Santiago and John Write gave generously to the initial support of this work.