Awake, Inc.

Empowering Intimacy with God 
Class for Women

Do the following statements describe you?  I want all that God, in His love, had planned for me.  I want a mind that can think and function, rather than simply “cope and respond.” I want a real intimacy with a Holy God that will transcend and replace any unhealthy fear and need of man.  I want all that Christian Liberty has to offer.  I dream of a home that the spirit, not just the image of a Christian family.

On the other hand, you may want more wisdom to address life’s struggles.  Do your family dynamics seem confusing, if not stressful?  Do the conflicts at work, church or within your community leave you in tears, alarmed or intimidated?  Have moved from the crisis, yet still left with the wounds?  Do you long for discernment of good and evil and how to apply righteousness to it?

Some women find themselves in serious trouble.  Have you repeatedly tried to obtain help without much success?  Are you in crisis and don’t know where to turn?  Do you think God has forgotten, didn’t hear or doesn’t care about your private pain?

Have you tried desperately to maintain the godly Christian image and marriage hoping that your cover would never be ‘blown’?  Are issues of indecision, addictions, conflict, and finances unresolved in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this class is for you.  Hebrews 5:14 addresses the importance of feeding on the meat, not just the milk, of God’s Word.    

Doctors we are not.  But constant use of the Word trains the mind to be able to discern the difference between good and evil and what to do about it.  How to apply righteousness to it must be fully understood!  It is a skill no Christian woman should be without!

The most important focus on our classes is to develop an empowering intimacy with God.  We have originate our lives and relationships around this vital first love, [Rev. 2:2-5].  It reorients expectations, reactions and conforms our desires to HIS optimized desire for our good.   [Rom. 8:27-30; Eph. 1:11-12]  It is counter-intuitive to all of worldly reason, yet profoundly empowering and freeing.

Additionally, through this amazing love, Women, wives and mothers can be ‘trained’ by God’s Word in order to address the joys and sorrows within their homes and lives.  God did not intend for us to submit to sin, but to Him!  We should know how to answer the issues of life with grace and dignity.  We must also be thoroughly schooled in righteousness, kindness and love.

If abandoned, we have a right and a duty to know what our options and laws are, regarding our situation, both civilly and ecclesiastically.  Resources within the church and community are available, if needed.  Knowing how to work within the shepherding process will go a long way toward making sense of your issues, seen or unforeseen. Remember, God promises never to abandon you, [Jn. 14:18].

Many in the Christian community feel that women do not have rights.  However the scriptures are full of the rights that God intended women to have to the full benefit of their husbands, children, church family and communities as well as themselves. See [Job 36:6-7; Is. 54:4-6]

Understanding relational dynamics in light of God’s Word is important.  It is a sort of ‘Bible boot camp’ with a lot of hugging.  This to describe the biblical common sense approach to ‘non-sense’!  We are not taking God’s Word lightly.  Women are entitled to all the promises, instruction and precious love found in God through His Holy Spirit and His Word!  HIS abundant plan contrasts what the enemy plans, [Jn. 10:10].

Commonly asked Questions and Answers:

Is this a wives class only? 
No.  While issues found only in marriage or courtship is covered, it is much more than that. This program is for all women wanting to develop biblical relational skills for use with all of her family, friends and associates.  It is about wisdom and common sense!  These are issues that appeal to everyone.  Your needs may be great or small or you may just want to know all you can as a woman of God and this class is a part of that process.

How is it different from typical Bible studies for wives?
Subjects covered in this class are not usually discussed in the typical bible study for wives.  The focus of this class is to understand relational dynamics in light of God’s Word.  It is a sort of “Bible Boot camp” with a lot of hugging.  This describes the biblical common sense approach to “nonsense.”  God wants His daughters’ to be mature, functioning, and responsible adults.  We do not take God’s Word lightly.  Training on how to discern sinful behavior and what to do about it are added with strong Biblical common sense. 

Will I learn how to say things differently or in a better way?
Effective dialogue is a critical component to good communication and is therefore an integral part of applying righteousness to any given situation.  [Proverbs 15: 23]  We encourage all students to jot down their dialogue questions and bring them to class.

What is the purpose of the class?

To: Develop an intimacy with our “first love,” God.

To: Discern  the difference between good and evil

To: Set Boundaries with grace and dignity

What if I need more help than the class can provide?
Any needs outside the scope of this class, such as addictions, professional counseling and shepherding, can be outsourced.  A Care Team could be formed for a more comprehensive program to suit your needs.

How long is the course?
It is on-going; however we do encourage you to attend a minimum of 6-8 classes without skipping.  This is because not all issues are covered within a few classes so you might not realize the benefits for your specific needs immediately.  For example, if a woman is in crisis, she will only want her problem addressed right then and there.  Give yourself time to learn all that will be presented.  Change is a process, not an act.  There are many underlying factors that may have contributed to the current crisis and these must be processed and understood.  Thus empowered, you are able to make wise and godly choices.

Is there a charge?
Currently there is no charge above the basic costs of the materials used at the time. 

What do I need to bring?
Bring a 3-ring binder and your Bible, paper and pen.  Class lessons will be ready for your notebook.  They are written to cover a series of classes so that you can study at any pace you chose.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, all are welcome.  Just call and let the course leader know.

Who produces this course?
The course is produced through AWAKE, Inc. that stands for Acquiring Wisdom And Knowledge Excellently.  The concept was born out of a crisis within the Founder’s own marriage.  There had to be an answer to this crisis.  There had to be direction and it had to come from God.  He generously provided step by step instruction which led, first to an intimate relationship with God that completely replaced the fear and need of man.  This journey, in turn, resulted in a complete restoration of the marriage.  The information learned was lacking in many of the classes taught to wives today.  There has to be answers that speak to general, as well as crisis situations.  The answers found in scripture, combined with constant, earnest prayer, led to the creation of this course and this ministry.  God faithfully developed a mind that would think and a heart that would act with grace and dignity.  Through trials and error, He faithfully fulfilled this heartfelt request that continues to this day.

Is there a class for single men, husbands or engaged men?
John Batts created a class entitled “Call of Husbands.” It’s focus is the role of husbands.  Building upon  an intimacy with God, issues specific to marriage and dating are discussed and studied. This class formally led being led by John Batts, is cancelled due to a family move.  There are several books available to be used by small group leaders. John is happy to answer any questions about his works or to offer help if needed.